oh gosh.. Hello!! I doubt anyone would remember who I am because of the real lack of activity on my tumblr lmfaosghvas

I’m still around! But I rarelynever go on tumblr anymore; I’m actually still hoping my interest in posting here comes right back up orz If anyone’s still interested I’m still posting my arts over at my dA!

'Till then ; u; ;;


Switcharound meme by pluehunter

Thank youuuuu puru for inviting us to do this with you aaa such an honor sdjkfjksdf ;//u//;

ehehe switcharound meme done with the two most amaaaaazing artists m(_   _ b

Anonymous asked:
your art posts are so rare, but they make me so happy all the same :>

a-aah hello anon! It’s making me feel guilty too www most of the time it’s studies and gaming getting in the way ahah /brick’d But thank you for this really sweet message! Q///Q; ;

really quick collab done with tiramishi ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ!

couple of commissions done within the weeks _(:’3_
if anyone’s interested there are slots open!! /0/

it’s tiramishi’s birthday today ; u;; ;
i get so happy drawing this pair again
miss them so very much pls 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

a lil’ something for the year’s lunar new year which is welcoming the year of the horse. wishing everyone, celebrate or no celebrate, a prosperous and warmest year ahead!! /o/

whispers new OC on the way. Got heard of this dessert cakes being made into gijinkas and everyone’s designs are so so cute aaa so delicious ;///q///; I have no idea if anyone’s made Matcha Chiffon-bocchan-san though I think so yes then i’m gomen; ; so thus my take on him oh yes

H-HELLO HOW’S EVERYONE?? ?! oh my days been so very busy this month with CF and then X’Mas and then the coming new year that I didn’t have the time to draw a X’Mas picture so I am very much sad … But I wish everyone to have a really good time with lots of presents and food to get fat and MERIKURI!! /o /

another one of those commissions ; u;/
and just some extra bit of information that I’ll be going to CF’13 this year!! Not having a booth but am cos-ing for both days. D1’s hush hush hint: dragon nest and D2 Kido from Kagepro so, uh, if anything do say hi! would love to meet anyone asjkhsd o(—<

edit: couldn’t complete the hush hush on time 8( will be re-doing Marine!DN for D1!

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